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Healing Through Seduction 4-WEEK ONLINE COURSE

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Healing Through Seduction 4-WEEK ONLINE COURSE

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About Me

"Healer" wasn't the first word that I  would have used to describe myself a few years ago. But after years of being told how I've helped thousands of people, I decided that it was time to embrace the title bestowed upon me. Join me on a journey of healing and learning to love yourself through my emotional and empowering course. During the Healing through Seduction course, I will provide a safe space for students to truly embrace themselves, flaws and all. 

This life-changing experience will enable you to connect with your power, resilience, spirit and feminine energy. You cannot expect to find a healthy and loving personal connection with your reflection,  business partnership or intimate relationship until you establish and celebrate your standards unapologetically. How do you treat your temple? How do you speak to your body, your gifts, and your mind? Are you kind to yourself?  Healing through Seduction will help you discover the most important type of love: self-love. Are you ready to fall in love with your spirit and celebrate your powerful light? Healing through Seduction is the course for you! 

What is Healing Through Seduction?

This 4-week course is a combination of live coaching, personalized affirmations, positive mirror work, connection exercises, journaling, healing rituals, and burlesque-inspired movement classes to help you reclaim your power, celebrate your feminine energy, and evoke the seductress within. 




What will I learn?

The Healing Through Seduction course is a provocative guide to seducing your reflection without regrets or guilt while healing and moving past self-doubt or trauma. Each week will include affirmations and step-by-step guides to healing rituals. I call my techniques: mirror on the wall, connect to your audience, stomp your ghosts with each strut, seduce your reflection, and I'm a beautiful imperfection. It's time to change your relationship with your spirit and connect with your body, and resilience! 



What you will need for the course:  a journal and an open mind. You also have the option to join the Healing through Seduction private Facebook Group page for Q&A and support. 



Please note that there will be a replay video after each live session in case you cannot attend class. I will also offer several time slots for your convenience.


Most Common FAQ's

 Do you offer a payment plan? Yes! You can join my series with 3 payments of $85. Sign up for the payment plan on my payment plan tab.

How will I join the online course? I will send a link and log on information to join the class each week. 

How often will we meet each week? The class will meet two times a week.

How long are the online sessions each day? The class will run 2 hours on the dates mentioned above.


What if I'm too shy to use video chat? You may join the class without turning on your video. This course is all about your connection to your feminine energy, but most importantly, it's about your comfort level. You DO NOT have to participate in any exercises that make you feel uncomfortable. 

What if I miss a class. Will you send a review of the curriculum on that day? Yes! I will send a replay video and notes via email. 

Is this open to all genders? Yes, however, I've discovered that my healing calling is for people with feminine energy. Please take that into consideration before signing up for my course. 

Do I need to be a burlesque artist or professional dancer to take your course? You don't need to be an entertainer to enjoy my class. Healing through Seduction is for anyone willing to reclaim their power by falling in love with their reflection.

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