Perle Noire

"The Mahogany Queen of Burlesque"

2/17/2018 Floor Work

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2/17/2018 Floor Work







About Perle Noire


"Healer" wasn't the first word that Perle Noire would have used to describe herself a few years ago. But after years of being told how much she has helped people, she decided that she needed to embrace the title that the burlesque community has bestowed upon her. Join Perle on a journey of healing and learning to love yourself through her emotional and empowering classes. During her Healing through Seduction weekend intensive, Perle will provide the safe space for students to truly embrace themselves, flaws and all. Valentine's Day weekend 2018 will help you discover the most important type of love: self-love.



Have you ever wanted to incorporate floor work into your burlesque routine, or for your lover at home? Now is your chance to learn from a master of seduction! Students will learn a choreographed floor routine and variations of smooth transitions on and off the floor. You will also learn Perle's healing and empowerment techniques. Please bring a yoga mat, or wear knee pads to protect your knees.



Empowering Floor Work-

Date: Saturday, February 17, 2018, @Ripley-Grier Studios( 520 8th Ave)  in studio 16Q

3:30 pm-5 pm

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