Perle Noire

"The Mahogany Queen of Burlesque"

Healing Through Seduction 2/16/2018

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Healing Through Seduction 2/16/2018

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About Perle Noire


"Healer" wasn't the first word that Perle Noire would have used to describe herself a few years ago. But after years of being told how much she has helped people, she decided that she needed to embrace the title that the burlesque community has bestowed upon her. Join Perle on a journey of healing and learning to love yourself through her emotional and empowering classes. During her Healing through Seduction weekend intensive, Perle will provide the safe space for students to truly embrace themselves, flaws and all. Valentine's Day weekend 2018 will help you discover the most important type of love: self-love.


Healing Through Seduction-


Date: Friday, February 16, 2018, @Ripley-Grier Studios in studio 16Q

6:30 pm- 8:30 pm


The Healing Through Seduction Series introduces students to the art of seduction, connecting with your audience, and the beauty of self-love. The workshop will cover 3 fundamental basics of seduction through movement, and connection exercises. Students will learn the power of affirmations, a choreographed dance routine, and Perle's signature choreography. Evoke the seductress within! Students should bring a notepad, pen, and clothes comfortable enough to dance in. You may also bring a glamorous ensemble! 

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