Perle Noire

"The Mahogany Queen of Burlesque"

Introduction to Burlesque with Perle Noire **SKYPE**


Introduction to Burlesque with Perle Noire **SKYPE**


Have you ever wanted to take a burlesque class but you're too shy to participate in a large group class? You're in luck! Sign up for a private session to learn burlesque from the Mahogany Queen of Burlesque! 


Class info:


A refreshing, rejuvenating celebration of Women and Authentic Strip Tease with a Modern Twist.


During this fun and easy going class, students will feel empowered by the sassy, and seductive choreography to some of Perle's favorite burlesque classics. The choreography will include parade walks, showgirl posing, and a little something for the boys in the back. This class is for beginners only.


The class format will include the following:
•Warm up
•Burlesque inspired choreography
•Cool down


Please wear:


Dance Shoes

Dance Slippers

Comfortable attire, such as:


Gym Clothes

Yoga Pants

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