Perle Noire

"The Mahogany Queen of Burlesque"

The only thing more inspiring than performing is teaching. I love the healing power burlesque has on the men and women I connect with. Burlesque is truly a beautiful, cathartic, and therapeutic art form. xoxo Perle Noire


"The first time I saw Perle I was moved to tears. She's ethereal. She breathes life into the most simple movement and she provokes jaw dropping emotions with just a raise in her eyebrow. She's calculated and spontaneous all at once. There's control but a sort of wild that can't be tamed. I could watch her perform for hours, and I knew-that when it was time and I was ready-I would find a way to learn from her. 

The time came when I was selected to compete for the title of Queen in New Orleans. I had just won Kansas City and that competition had literally killed me. I was sick for weeks and the day of nearly collapsed with anxiety. I have an extensive dance background, so choreography has never been difficult for me to arrange, but handling the fear the anxiety etc. of such high profile performances was really what I was after learning from Perle. However, I will say, she spruced up my piece beyond believe and it's now (almost a year later) still my most booked act and most favorite to perform! She transformed my choreography. Tightened up the movements, added more dynamic movement and gave me a few signature tips and tricks! She worked with ME as a performer. She didn't put Perle on me or anyone else for that matter...she worked with ME and how my body moves best. I can't thank her enough for that. Such kindness, motivation, attention to detail. She truly has a gift, she's a special soul and I feel so blessed to have been able to work with her one on one.

In addition to the outstanding changes she made in my choreography, she also prepared me for my what I would call the battle. The backstage time with 8 girls who all love each other but also all want the same crown. The battle with the band over hoping they understand the way your music should be played and being able to relay 'time and pace' with them. The battle of winning over the audience and most important winning over your own self in your own skin. The battle of nerves getting in the way of your job. She prepared me to leave it all on the stage, till I had nothing left to give and to be thankful to myself for the job I had done. She allowed me to be grateful and calm. I felt wonderful once it was all said and done. I was proud of what I brought to Nola and I truly did give the audience the best show that I could that night. I left it all. I can look back and watch the video and even that night, I still hear Perle in my ear. "YES HONEY!" "That's the warm up" "Now GIVE IT TO EM" "YES" I wasn't a nervous wreck that night, I was only grateful that I got to share my art, my life, my dance and my passion with a whole new room of what would soon be friends and fans. 

She taught me to love what I do even more then I did, if that was even possible. Perle prepared me so that I was ready and in the end, I might not have taken home the crown-but it isn't about that. I won over the hearts of so many new fans, I gave the dance of my life on that stage-and that-I will consider a win! 

Perle Noire is wise beyond her years, a kind soul, a beautiful spirit and a fierce performer. Her energy is contagious and she can truly change your world. I highly recommend Perle for private bookings and classes. She's a gift to this world. I'm so thankful to have worked with her!"- Puss-N-Boots


"As a newcomer to burlesque, I dealt with, and still have, a lot of insecurities. And while I quickly fell in love with all of the confidant, mostly white women that saw gracing the stage night after night, it was Perle Noire’s videos that gave me the courage to get onto the stage myself.

The first time I saw Perle Noire perform live, at one of my first kittening gigs, my heart filled with a pride that I had never experienced before. Here was this beautiful black woman dominating the stage each and every time I saw her. And now.. in the flesh, she instantly became my mentor, kindly offering me advice for an upcoming competition.  

Getting to meet and work with her so early on kept me inspired and motivated to become my very best. Perle helped me by providing a clear structure, fabulous choreography, an understanding of the mood, all the while, encouraging me to find my own performance voice. She does this for all of her students, and it’s beautiful so see how performers grow under her guidance. 

She is an incredible teacher. Taking her classes and working with her one on one has been invaluable to me as a performer. She helped me accomplished goals that I never knew I could. I know that anyone who has taken classes with her would agree, working with Perle is magic. And she teaches us all how to be a little more magical."- Poison Ivory



"Why should the audience look at me if I can't look at myself when I rehearse. Make it memorable!!! Words to live by said by Perle and I'll never forget them.


Ms. PerleNoire has opened my eyes so much. During our session she watched my moves and helped me bring them out, to be truly authentic and not  just give me steps to copy.


I'm so excited to show this act off and get back on the stage.


And she gave me my Tag Name!!! I can't wait to be announced to it!!!!"- Falana Fox



"I took a private lesson with Perle Noire over skype (we were across the country from one another) and had the most wonderful array of help from her on my body's natural movement, costuming, fan dancing, and glove peeling work. She graciously assisted me by giving me tools to refine my method and enveloped me in loving grace and her passion to share and teach. Not only is she an incredible talent that loves on her audience and takes them on an adventure, she teaches how to do the same student by student. If you are a solo burlesque artist you would do yourself a disservice if you do not take some lessons from Perle Noire. Thanks, Perle! You're the best!" -Casaba Meloune