Perle’s Healing Through Seduction workshop was unlike any self-healing workshop I’ve done before. Perle has a strong compassionate energy about her that lets you know things will be OK, but also gives you the strength to overcome your obstacles. She asks and makes sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable and treats them as individuals for the entire workshop. Every moment spent with everyone was specific to what that person needed on that day. The touch and dance exercises helped me re-connect with myself in a way that I hope will translate on stage when connecting with the audience. I would 10/10 do this again.
— Dominant Jeane
Perle’s 10-day workshop is a great way to maintain the positive change I experienced in her workshop. It reminds me to keep up with the rituals and activities we practiced together. My favorite part of the at home program is the guided meditations led by Perle. Her encouragement is genuine and her speaking and leadership is natural to her. I have told countless people about her workshop and how much it has helped my confidence, relationships, happiness and love for myself. I recommend her workshop to anyone with an open mind who is ready for change!
— Rizzo Rogue
This workshop is one of the most powerful things I’ve ever done for myself, and also the hardest. Perle has a gift for healing you absolutely can’t deny, even if you don’t consider yourself a spiritual person.” Thank you again for offering this
— DB
The tools and exercises that Perle has developed are integral for today’s dance artists (and survivors simultaneously) for their daily practice. Letting go of negative energy and holding on to affirmations, letting in the light and casting out the dark. Focusing energy into eye contact and connection with the audience (and with the world) can be overwhelming for artists and empaths alike, however instead these activities bring empowerment and composure.’
— Satine
“I took a private lesson with Perle Noire over skype (we were across the country from one another) and had the most wonderful array of help from her on my body’s natural movement, costuming, fan dancing, and glove peeling work. She graciously assisted me by giving me tools to refine my method and enveloped me in loving grace and her passion to share and teach. Not only is she an incredible talent that loves on her audience and takes them on an adventure, she teaches how to do the same student by student. If you are a solo burlesque artist you would do yourself a disservice if you do not take some lessons from Perle Noire. Thanks, Perle! You’re the best!”
— Casaba Meloune
As a newcomer to burlesque, I dealt with, and still have, a lot of insecurities. And while I quickly fell in love with all of the confident, mostly white women that saw gracing the stage night after night, it was Perle Noire’s videos that gave me the courage to get onto the stage myself.

She is an incredible teacher. Taking her classes and working with her one on one has been invaluable to me as a performer. She helped me accomplished goals that I never knew I could. I know that anyone who has taken classes with her would agree, working with Perle is magic. And she teaches us all how to be a little more magical.
— Poison Ivory Queen of Burlesque
The first time I saw Perle I was moved to tears. She’s ethereal. She breathes life into the most simple movement, and she provokes jaw-dropping emotions with just a raise in her eyebrow. She’s calculated and spontaneous all at once.
Perle Noire is wise beyond her years, a kind soul, a beautiful spirit and a fierce performer. Her energy is contagious, and she can truly change your world. I highly recommend Perle for private bookings and classes. She’s a gift to this world. I’m so thankful to have worked with her!
— PB
“Perle Noire’s “Healing through Seduction” is a revival for the soul. It’s a shockingly beautiful experience. Afterwards you are ready take on the world and the stage with a truer sense of self. I highly recommend for anyone searching for a profound connection with their art, audience, partner or just to truly stand in their own truth and begin the journey to self-actualization.”
— Tutu Toussaint
“I’m glad that Perle made it known that a healing journey is not going to be steady improvement. That some days are going to be harder than others, but that it’s ok. I would recommend this class to a lot of my friends who are struggling with loving themselves as well. And I would definitely take another one.”
— AJ
“Nobody else brings the pure unadulterated personal magic quite like Perle Noire. The passion and energy she has for excellence in performance is not just for her live shows, but her coaching and mentorship as well. Performers who choose to work with Perle will be transformed by her training, not just as a performer but as a human being!”
— Ginger Valentine

Perle has taught me that true healing requires that you be able to look yourself in the eye—to clearly and honestly assess and embrace yourself, both your qualities AND your flaws. That kind of exercise can be daunting, if not downright scary. I’ve worked closely with Perle for well over a year, and have seen first hand her gift for creating a safe, encouraging space in which to do just that. Perle is a shining example of the wonderful impact this kind of healing can have on the ability of performers to connect with themselves and their audiences.
— Bizzy LeBois

Watching Perle Noire perform is a slice of magic, the energy she emmits is other worldly! She transmits the same energy to work with her Gems, Students and Seasoned Professionals, she is an inspiration! I’ve seen the Students blossom into solid performers! The Seasoned Professionals take her guidance to fine-tune their already stellar moves to create masterpieces. Perles creation of the House of Noire Gems is a phenomenon! Her choreography turns her solo magic into a universe of sensuality, fierce feminine fantasy, and daring dance. If you haven’t taken a class or had a one-on-one with Perle Noire, you are missing out! Reach out to her ASAP, you will not regret it!
— Darlinda Just Darlinda
I had the honor of performing Perle Noire’s choreography in December 2017. In preparation for the performance, we had extensive rehearsals for six weeks. During that process, I witnessed and experienced the gift that Perle has as a choreographer, but especially as a teacher. Her talent comes with an intuition that she has mastered in pulling from artists. Not only are these talents that they are aware of but also talents that they possess that are unknown to them. If you are looking to digging deeper into your artistry, look no further. Perle has a sixth sense for pulling out of you your greatest talents, creative individuality and optimum potential. She provides the tools to assist and guide you in taking them to the next level.
— The Maine Attraction
I booked my 2 hour private to be a better entertainer from this burlesque icon. But as the time to travel cross country came, I started to feel unworthy to work with her.

When she invited me into her welcoming environment, all of my nervousness instantly dissolved. I had no idea that the difficulty of the session she initially mentioned would be an internal journey. We worked not only on my act but on a higher level of personal awareness. Perle unlocked and elevated my approach to movement. Choreographying and reworking the beginning of my act with her will be one of those magical moments of a lifetime. I can’t wait to get back to the east coast to book another session.

Schedule a private and see how much more you can shine and be reminded you are worth the investment of knowledge. Thank you Mama Perle!
— Simone del Mar