It’s time to reconnect to your reflection.


“Your relationship with your reflection is the most critical relationship in your life. It will set the tone for your business, family, and intimate relationships. You cannot hold anyone to a higher standard that you keep for yourself when your self-worth is at stake. Until you fall in love with yourself, chances are you’ll search for surrogates to fill any voids or to validate your existence. Your relationship with your reflection will become the blueprint for all connections to follow.”- Perle Noire



"Healer" wasn't the first word that Perle Noire would have used to describe herself a few years ago. But after years of being told how much she has helped people, she decided that she needed to embrace the title that the burlesque community has bestowed upon her. Join Perle on a journey of healing and learning to love yourself through her emotional and empowering classes. During her Healing through Seduction series, Perle will provide the safe space for students to truly embrace themselves, flaws and all.